Tuesday, May 1, 2012

California Bucketlist

It doesn't take much convincing to have three Wilson's agree upon California for the sister-mother trip of the year.  Mom had a bucket list item to learn how to surf before her important upcoming birthday, and Chelsea and I needed a tan from something other than the lights in the library where we have been buried in books.  Good enough reason for us. 

Madre, pre-surf was a bit nervous - and her supporting daughters comforted her by telling her she had no choice.    

 After some dry-land preparation she was ready for the salty water. (Looking at that form we knew she would be a natural!)

If you have every surfed you will understand the biggest challenge is always the route out to the water. It was a good thing we had an instructor who was willing to help mother on the journey out - poor mother with a board twice her size.
(Please note the board completely vertical in the water with madre gripping the sides and not budging) 

Insert Cutest Mom Award Below! 

Us Wilson's have a thing for quaint cottages, perhaps it's genetic?

We also love the ocean, the blue skys and the views in California

The Hills however, we could've done without.

 Chelsea has a thing for odd ice cream flavours, and if you follow her blog you will notice it,

We stumbled upon this quaint ice cream shop - something out of a disney movie. (Minus the ugly step-sisters)  We couldn't help but indulge in our desert fantasies as it felt like a dream inside.  And when you eat in your dreams -the calories don't count.

There's some kind of joy you receive from biking that you can get no where else. We overloaded on this happiness biking across the beaches that connected for what felt like forever.

And after you spend all day at the beach  - you look like this - completely spent and happy as can be.

California you were a wonderful host - and we will no doubt return - once we have biked other ends of the earth in search for delicious deserts and new adventures.

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