Sunday, July 1, 2012

Washington Heat

Thanks to an opportunity at the university I had the chance to travel to the states to explore the issue of homelessness this summer.  
We travelled by train for three days and eventually made it to the hot beautiful city of Washington DC
For once my camera was not attached to my hip - although it was a nice break from acting as an overprotective mother to my Nikon.  I regret the lack of pictures from the embassy visits.

Atop our New York hotel was a stunning view of the busy streets which we enjoyed during the day - and during the night took advantage of the roof top club.

New York offered an unlimited supply of street vendors that allow your culinary dreams to come true.  The best of the best were often found in the back of a truck where you could always find a line down the street filled with business men, street musicians, dog walkers and me. 

However I couldn't resist stopping at Mariella, home of the best pizza in America according to Oprah and Gayle. My girls wouldn't lie to me, so I indulged with my imaginary company of the duo.

Topping of a perfect few days in New York - Meeting up with family!  
Stacy graciously hosted us on a night out on the town where we danced until there were scars on our feet. Not forgetting her roots we clinked Bud Lights together as we celebrated Canada Day - New York Style.

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