Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall with the Family

It's tradition in our family that when the leaves start to fall and the colours start to change - we gather - climb a hill - go for a stroll - and take some family photos.

And if nothing else - they provide a great archive of entertainment.

An unspoken rule we tend to follow is the more candid - the better.

Although some of us outdo others on our vertical - the next few photos display just how similar we are - facial expressions - pre-jump positioning and all.

This past years photos were taken on my Fathers 50th birthday - to cap off the special day we had all the old rolls of video from his childhood and life transferred to DVD.

I cannot express the amount of heartfelt memories that were stored in this old suitcase.  We spent hours watching them crying, laughing, and hiding our heads when our entrance to the world was taped - birthday suit and all.

This reminded us of the importance of capturing everyday moments in life - and thus has prompted this blog and the endless amount of pictures and videos that will continue on it.

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