Thursday, January 3, 2013

Prison Island - Where the Turtles Roam Free

Prison Island - a very misleading name for this island that barely reaches 800M long and 250M wide. No prisoners have ever actually spent time here - as it was quarantined for yellow fever victims almost immediately after a prison was constructed on it.  If I was a convict in 1893 I would of been quite excited at the thought of ending up on this small but breathtaking island covered with turtles.  
Our good luck that started once we flew out of Kenya continued on the island as the flash storm that was approaching took a detour.  Allowing us to enjoy a day on the beach - wading in the turquoise waters - napping on the sand - and constructing turtle themed sand castles.
Mama P and I entertained the gang from our two sips of wine while we enjoyed a sunset sail back to the main island. 
A dolphin adventure that left us disappointed was soon forgotten as we ventured into Jozani forest to ooh and awe over monkeys swinging on vines around us.  Fair warning to anyone who ever decides to visit paradise on this side of the world.  When a local informs you it is fighting season - don't duck or hide in fear of getting caught in a monkey scrapping battle - instead get your camera's out and cover your children's eyes.  And prepare to be consumed by confusion and laughter as you discover that 'fighting' turns out to be mating season. 
Swimming lessons in the Tembo pool with Mama P turned out to be nothing short of a very entertaining hour.  
The 'fighting' season continued on Prison Island as we trekked through the brush following the odd sounds we couldn't place.  Only to come across the 160 old turtle mounting the 53 year old turtle. Shock and awe to follow.
We left Prison Island giddy, sunburnt, and with a new interest/appreciation for all of the islands that appear as small specs on the world map.  

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