Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Crepes - Seafood and Pizza oh my!

Zanzibar island turned out to be an overwhelming success - and within our short time there I fell in love with StoneTown - the people, and most of all the turquoise waters.   

This little island seemed to have an uncanny knack to have breathtaking views from every patio, balcony and beach.  We started our days from this view at our balcony and ventured into the winding streets looking for trinkets to buy, locals to meet and ice cream to lick!
We also spent a considerable amount of time crouched in the back of a curio shop with the owner who did not speak a drop of english - but gladly allowed us to hide from the flash rains. 

I've discovered a real obsession I have for doors - windows and any type of passageway that seems to have character and colour.

No matter how well planned our night seemed - we always ended up at the local market bartering over fresh seafood and mangoes.  One thing we did not barter over - and likely would've overpaid for was the irresistible nutella crepes. Complete with giant bananas and musical charades. 

Zanzibar you impressed us with your innovational shoes made from old tires - and your hidden treasures we found in each curio - from gypsy pants to chess boards.  

Above all else Tanzanian people have a great sense of humour - noted in the t-shirt for sale above.  How many Tanzanians does it take to complete six braids? Four. As we found out below.

We were satisfied with our morning entertainment of a senior tanzanian performing his 'yoga' on the beach as we indulged on chocolate croissants and corn flakes for breakfast.  Much to our amazement we were even more entertained by the two tourists who decided to get an up close and personal documentation of the local yoga moves.  
And judging by the angle of his camera - we did not want a copy of his prints.

I was quite proud that I had adapted into Kenyan currency with such ease - I was not prepared however for the changes in currency I was about to experience over the next three weeks.  
Currency conversion headaches start below.  

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