Monday, December 10, 2012

The Nice Side of Nairobi

I feel like I may have given a bad impression of Nairobi with my previous stories (muggings, bed bugs, flying monkeys, matatus driving us off the sidewalk). Although the above describes my experience in Nairobi - I will admit I have never been a fan of big city living and my view may have been tainted.

Luckily visitors from abroad gave me the opportunity to show off the city I've been calling home - Even if it was showing off the fancy places I've only heard about.

Safari Park Hotel was a great Sunday escape to be entertained by locals while tasting wild animals.  And if your not shocked by the array of wild meats available - the vast amount of perky boobed statues in Africa will definitely take you by surprise.

Mama P also known as Ostrich Chef.

The enormous elephant that greets you upon arrival steals my heart each time I visit, and I lose all photographic control - capturing ten plus photos every time. The details on him capture everything I love about the oversized animal, the wrinkles, the shy eyes, and the old soul.

After a thrilling adventure to our next escape (including matatus, attempted robbery, paying off the police, and stuffing six people in a tuk tuk) - the peace and quiet Fourteen Falls Lodge brought us, was greatly appreciated (even if we were the only guests in the middle of no-where)

I was very appreciate of the peace and quiet, and did not miss the sounds of cars back firing, drunks knocking on my door, or babies crying in the night. (Being able to get up and pee safely in the night was a plus as well).  The silent of the night however spooked my canadian friends and we spent the next morning chuckling over the sound of Mama P moving large pieces of furniture in front of the doors - and waking up in the middle of the night to her shouting at 'someone' on the roof.  

Although Nairobi seemed to provide more negatives than positives to my adventure - It's helped me realize it's healthier to:
Promote What You Love
instead of
Bashing What You Hate.

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