Monday, November 26, 2012

Childhood Dreams

If you had a healthy childhood with even a taste of imagination – you would have dreamed of being in your favorite Disney movie(s)

Since living underwater is not a reality for me, nor is finned feet I have deserted my dreams of being a mermaid and settled for the close second place. The Lion King.  We were ecstatic upon hearing that we could bike through our classic childhood favorite all while chanting the tribal tunes we know by heart.  But just like any Disney movie, the happy ending begun with a bit of devastation…

We began our climb of Mt. Longonot in the early morning on a rainy Sunday.  After two matatu rides, a 4KM walk to the base of the mountain and a $20 gate fee we were less than impressed to see what the rest of the day had in store.  But when you are desperate to escape Nairobi you put up with paying ten times the amount as your Kenyan friend did for a gate fee as you carry on towards the mountain surrounded by a rain cloud. 

This sums up our feelings on the entire trek up the mountain.

Upon reaching the peak our moods improved just as the sun decided to peak out from the clouds and scare the rain away. 

This sums up our feelings about the top of the peak.   

We filled our evenings in Maui Mahi making chapatti and dancing to the Lion King DVD we had purchased in the streets.

Now I have always found myself humming a disney tune whether it's driving down the endless saskatchewan roads, fruit picking in the interior of australia, or belting out lion king with my older sister during cabin renovations - (only to be questioned by our loveable grandpa/foreman "how old are you two?")

But biking down the same road you have seen numerous times in your childhood favourites leaves you speechless as you replay the scenes you have committed to heart in your mind.

We spent the entire morning biking in a scene pulled right out of the Lion King, complete with  wild zebras and gazelles sharing the path we rode. 

Top highlight for me was catching sight of what we are calling Simba's peak (this is for those of you who had a healthy childhood - first scene - Rafiki presenting Simba) 

I've always believed that biking provides an overload of happiness - Biking AND catching sights of warthogs (both large and miniature) crossing the road is an overload of happiness.  Pumba makes everything better.  

Unfortunately we just discovered that we have a flea or bed bug issue - leaving us covered in small but irritating bites.  Although this leaves us up itching all night, and debating throwing our entire suitcase away - we are taking a note from our friends Timon and Pumba.

Hakuna Matata - It Means No Worries!

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