Monday, October 1, 2012

Monkeying Around.

Not even a week into my trip and I have learnt this lucky life lesson:
Don't Sweat the Petty Things - And Don't Pet the Sweaty Things.

It would seem at first glance Nairobi has little to offer, but with a lot of research and several matatu transfers we discovered monkey park.  Where in fact there are monkeys, who will climb wherever necessary to get your handful of peanuts.

Monkey park is perfect for a saturday afternoon - which is safe enough to nap under a tree, if only to wake and find a monkey quizzically staring at you.

Unfortunately some of the monkeys display their greed by flying at you from the trees - Successfully ripping peanuts from poor Sofie and Leona who left with a few minor scratches.  

Maybe the monkeys aren't as friendly as we thought. 

Lesson Learnt: Don't Pet the Sweaty Things

It was a must on Sunday to check out the African Rugby finals - amazingly similar to the roughrider gatherings we have back home. Although there were no watermelon heads present the green wigs that sat atop green and white painted faces were close enough.

The heat rose into 40+ and as we melted into our seats the entire stadium went crazy when South Africa ran onto the field.

The same meal of stew every day leaves a lot to be desired in the culinary section of Africa.  However Jacklyn (our house help) makes it hard to resist anything she works all day on.  The preparation for every meal begins early in the morning (seen here separating the stones out of the green grumbs by hand) - and is served about 8PM.

An adventure to try and find Sofie a bikini led us to this uniform shop where they handed us swimming garments they thought suited us best.  We politely declined - red just isn't our colour.

Unfortunately on a tightly packed matatu, I was cornered and robbed. Luckily I had emptied all my valuables and only carry a bit of cash on me at a time.

For some reason the colour of our skin resembles rich to almost every African here.  However I quickly realized the cash I had on me was not worth putting up a fight over.  

Luckily my travelling partner and I share a optimistic attitude - in no time we were chuckling over how I resembled a giraffe sticking my head out of the matatu yelling "Sofie Sofie"in my attempt to escape.

  Lesson Learnt: Don't Sweat the Petty Things.

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